Lesson 1: Why systems are more important than willpower


  • Too many people spend too much time and energy ‘trying to find the time to write’ and forcing themselves to do it – often through gritted teeth.
  • Having lots of willpower is great but relying on willpower alone is tiring and depleting – and it means that you’re more likely to quit long term.
  • We’re big fans of systems and routines because we believe they help you do things – unthinkingly. And the science agrees.
  • The more you’re able to do something unthinkingly the more likely you will be to do it and the less likely you’ll quit – and that’s what this course is about.

Moving on...

In the next section you’re going to tackle the number one enemy of the writer and that's procrastination!

You’re going to find out what your procrastination ‘characteristics’ are and learn some sure-fire methods to kill your procrastination gremlins!

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