Step 1: Understanding the why and the who

Hi there

Welcome to the first lesson in this five step blogging bootcamp.

Over just five lessons you’ll learn how to develop blog content that your readers will love and keep them coming back for more.


The plan is designed to take you through a series of challenges which help you think through the objectives and audience for you blog, order your thoughts, structure your post, write and edit.

The plan will also help you identify a blogging ‘pipeline’ so you continue your blogging habit.

You’ll be asked to write notes during the plan. Use a device of your choice; tap away on tablet or phone, type on a computer or just scribble away in an old fashioned notebook – it’s up to you.

Just make sure you can easily refer back to these notes during the plan to build your knowledge.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

Why are you writing?

Your head might be brimming with ideas for posts but hold your horses! Let’s take a step back.

First, you need to think through why you are blogging in the first place.

Knowing what you hope to achieve with your blog means that you’ll start your blog moving in the right direction and you won’t waste time writing posts that don’t meet your objectives.

For example:

  • It could be that you want to use your blog to tell the world about your hobby, business, skills or adventures with a view to earning ad revenue.
  • You might want to use your blog to build your professional brand in some way or become recognized for having a certain set of skills, expertise, experiences or ideas. 

Do this now:

> Open a fresh page and complete this sentence:

I’m writing a blog because I want to…

Tip. Don’t just write ‘win business’ or ‘make money’ - lots of people have that ambition - think more specifically about what makes your writing unique.

Who are you writing for?

It's vital that you know your audience because if you don’t, then it’s hard to write content that’s going to appeal to them.

If your audience isn't interested in what you're writing about - the best SEO and optimisation in the world won't help.

So, think through these questions:  

  • Who you would ideally like to read your blog? What kind of person are they, what do they do? It will help to bring them alive.
  • What's their name? Write a brief description (or draw a picture!) of who they are and what they do. Pick one person, not lots of different people – it really helps to have a focus.

Do this now:

> Complete this sentence:

If I had to pick one ideal reader for my blog they would be…


That's it for step one...

Now you should have a document which tells you why are blogging and who you’re blogging for.

Print it out and pin this up above your desk, stick it to the wall or write it down somewhere prominent.

Always refer back to it when you’re writing your blog - the why and who of blogging are so important.

Want to move on? Great.

Next up, you'll start finding content ideas to write about now - and into the future.